Platteland provides readers with an inside look into what the winter issue has to offer.

Get to know the Karoo

Readers will have the opportunity to explore the treasure of Richmond in the heart of the Great Karoo. Aside from the town’s farming character, it is also a place of literacy and the arts. In 2007, Richmond earned its highest honour as South Africa’s only official 'Booktown'.

Liedjiebos: A farm not far from town

On the outskirts of Bloemfontein, three kilometres from the central district, a former asparagus and cut-flower farm has been turned into a haven for a variety of living creatures. Liedjiebos supplies the growing demand for rare indigenous South African seeds.

Hydroponics: Grow with the flow

In the wake of severe water scarcity in the Western Cape, Platteland takes a closer look at hydroponics – a food production process that rests solely on the use of water as a growing medium for fresh produce. The magazine also shows readers how to install their own system.

Beyond water-wise

Most South African gardeners’ favourite plants consume large amounts of water and resources. Donovan Kirkwood offers readers a plan for maintaining a garden with zero or minimal supplementary water after establishment.

Grow and cook asparagus

Asparagus is a year-long growth in South Africa. According to Platteland, it’s fairly easy to grow this highly nutritious perennial. Kobus Kritzinger shows readers how.

New recipes

On the topic of asparagus, Platteland brings readers a range of easy-to-prepare asparagus recipes. Readers can try their hand at some of these dishes, such as trout-and-asparagus frittata, crispy baked asparagus and beef fillet and asparagus salad. 

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