From Wednesday, 1 August, Afrika-Bredenkamp will be presenting the WorkZone on weekdays from 09:00 to noon, taking over from Mack Rapapali who moves to the night time slot at 22:00 to 01:00, Monday to Thursday nights.

Afrika-Bredenkamp will continue to work on current and new TV shows, as well as deliver parenting inspiration on Elana Afrika’s Baby Brunch, which is featured on Jacaranda FM’s podcast hub, JacPod.

According to Afrika-Bredenkamp, her primary focus will be ensuring that the WorkZone continues to deliver the 'no-repeat' promise with all of Jacaranda FM’s artists in the mix, content and continuous updates on news and traffic.

"Bringing a presenter of Elana’s caliber and charisma on board adds further gravitas to our day time line-up. She’s already proved to be a real hit with her roles in television and radio, and our audience is going to love her," says Jacaranda FM’s GM, Kevin Fine.

"Coming back to Jacaranda FM feels like home," says Afrika-Bredenkamp. "I’ve always wanted to use my talent for good. The amazing team at this radio station understands positive change and the impact of giving back, and I'm excited to part of that."  

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