Samsung Research also showed the 'best performance' in TriviaQA held by the University of Washington.

MS MARCO and TriviaQA are both machine reading comprehension competitions, along with SQuAD of Stanford University and NarrativeQA of DeepMind. 

According to Samsung, machine reading comprehension is where an AI algorithm is tasked with analysing data and finding an optimum answer to a query on its own accord.

For MS MARCO and TriviaQA, AI algorithms are tested in their capabilities of processing natural language in human Q&As and also providing written text in various types of document.

Samsung Research took part in the competitions with ConZNet, an AI algorithm developed by the company’s AI Centre.

The Beijing branch of Samsung Research also won the International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition (ICDAR) hosted by the International Association of Pattern Recognition (IAPR) in March. The ICDAR is a competition in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technologies.

Head of Language Understanding Lab Jihie Kim at Samsung Research says that the question of how AI technologies understand human dialogue and queries to suggest an optimum answer is one of the hot topics in the AI industry.

He says, "The Language Understanding Lab at the Samsung Research AI Centre is striving to develop the technology behind an AI algorithm that can talk with people naturally and propose solutions to a problem."

"We are developing an AI algorithm to provide answers to user queries in a simpler and more convenient way in real life. Active discussion is underway in Samsung to adopt the ConZNet AI algorithm for products, services, customer response and technological development," he adds. 

Justin Hume, chief marketing officer for Samsung South Africa, says, "The strengths of Samsung in the AI industry is that we can build a knowledge system about connections between machines, applications and customer demands in the Internet of things (IoT) environment comprised of personal devices, based on Samsung Electronics’ diverse product line-up."

"This will help us to achieve the goal of realising a user-oriented AI system by collaborating with global partners in the industry. Samsung Electronics recently began to launch global AI Centres, and we will lead the efforts of working with AI experts at the new centres abroad," he adds.

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