The team at Target Media Directory spoke to Indlovu Media’s publisher, Thirusha Govan, about trends in the South African print industry.

We live in the information age, where gaining access to content can easily be done online. So what inspired you to go ahead with a print publication?

Like it or not, the right kind of print has great appeal. Our readers spend a great deal of their day working on laptops, checking phones and checking emails. The tangibility of paper makes reading pleasurable – it’s a great escape from their working world.

Business Beyond aims to reveal industry trends and news. With the main focus being on the latest insights in the business industry, it makes sense that you also need to keep up with what’s going on in your own industry. What is the biggest trend right now when it comes to publishing and print?

The trend that I am seeing now is that successful publications are generally niche. They are magazines that target a specific reader.

Business Beyond shares content that will assist business people of all levels with helpful insights on trends that affect them directly. Our experts’ contributions, from the public and private sectors, provide a holistic perspective on how to do business in the unique South African business landscape.

How does Indlovu Media hope to empower the readers of Business Beyond?

Business Beyond will share business updates – combining inspirational stories of success and the challenges business leaders face. Additionally, it will advise on how to grow your business, how to tackle everyday business challenges, where to find help and the programmes at your disposal.

It will also provide you with guidance on topics outside your areas of qualification and useful business tips for every entrepreneur, businessperson and career-driven individual.

Business Beyond is distributed throughout South Africa – mainly at airports and 4 to 5-star hotels. Why did Indlovu Media decide specifically on these locations?

Business Beyond is aimed at the businessperson, professional to senior management, entrepreneurs and career-driven influencers – many of which are frequent business travelers.

Our research has shown that our readers spend a lot of their time travelling on business. In these places, you will reach a dedicated audience that makes a magazine of interest easily accessible.

What do you think the future – or top trends – of the print industry will look like?

The print industry will survive by turning itself into a specialist genre. The ever-increasing clutter and noise online will drive people to return to magazine reading.

South Africa, unlike first world countries, has very expensive data offerings. This has a positive effect by driving people to read printed paper – especially magazines targeted at a very specific market.

What advice would you give to other print publications looking to remain successful in the print industry?

Understand your reader, focus on your audience and remain true to your brand.

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