Through exclusive interviews and breaking news, new franchises and verticals and digital video, including an expanded suite of live streaming content, CNN Business aims to cover the transformation underway in the economy and individuals' investments.

With a range of news, analysis, market data and opinion, CNN Business is designed to appeal to those who want to learn about, profit from and lead a business.

"To understand business in 2018, we have to recognise that every company is now a technology company," says vice president and general manager of CNN Business, Jason Farkas, "At CNN Business, we're living the story we're reporting – and transforming how we will cover the future."

According to CNN Business, a new San Francisco location is now open with reporters covering big tech, startups, venture capital and cryptocurrency.

CNN Business will be integrated across CNN and CNN International on-air programming, with branded segments fronted by anchor Julia Chatterley, anchor Christine Romans, anchor and chief media correspondent Brian Stelter, anchor, correspondent and CNN Business editor-at-large Richard Quest and other correspondents and reporters starting on Thursday, 4 October.

There will also be collaboration and programming initiatives that utilise the reach and expertise of CNN Business and CNN International’s business shows, including Quest Means Business, First Move with Julia Chatterley, The Express and CNN Marketplace Africa.

CNN has named two new verticals within CNN Business that will aim to tackle the companies, personalities and innovations that are driving businesses forward:

  • Perspectives: Thought leaders in global business like Melinda Gates, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, Eurasia Group’s Ian Bremmer and Morgan Stanley and CEO James Gorman share their insights on the future and opinions on the present.
  • Success: The CNN Business team aims to divulge how individuals can explore entrepreneurship, chart their career path and translate wealth into happiness.
CNN Business has also revealed a new stream of franchises that aim to explore the way in which innovation is impacting the economy:
  • Centre Piece: A weekly dive feature, ranging from profiles of emerging business leaders, industry trends and investigative looks at the most consequential companies around the world.
  • Leading Indicator: Through premium video and detailed infographics and articles, this series provides context to the market’s data points and trends, aiming to armour investors with what they need to know.
  • Risk Takers: The editors of CNN Business aim to identify the risk takers who took a gamble and who changed their company, industry and the future of business. This annual list of influencers will be revealed over the course of a month-long multiplatform experience.
  • United States of Amazon: A multi-part reporting initiative on Amazon. Ten angles and exclusives over a week about how America’s most ambitious company is changing lives and the economy.
In addition to the new franchises and verticals, CNN Business will continue to produce live stream programming, including Markets Now, CNN’s weekly live show, which streams on Wednesdays at 12:45 ET.

The launch of CNN Business is sponsored by Fidelity.

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