The studio will become active late October, and many of the station's radio shows will be presented from the new premises.

Listeners will be able to look forward to seeing the Big Breakfast team, including Martin van der Merwe, Duncan Bayne, Zelda Goetz and Adrian Botha. Darren Scott and his Just Plain Drive team consisting of Natasja Jacibs and WR van der Merwe will also make an appearance.

Additionally, OFM's Shandor Potgieter and Pieter Venter will also make use of the studio. The official opening of the studio will coincide with the Goldfields Mall celebrating its eighth birthday (Sunday, 28 October) on Saturday, 3 November.

OFM general manager Nick Efstathiou says, "The Goldfields, especially Welkom, is close to our hearts; these are our people. We have, for many years, spoken of opening something special in the area, and now we get to."

"We look forward to partnering with the Goldfields Mall and investing in the town and its people. Several of our presenters and staff members grew up in Welkom. They now get to go home often. This is an exciting new chapter for Welkom, and for us," adds Efstathiou. 

"Goldfields Mall is excited to embark on this adventure with OFM. We are proud to be the new home to this satellite studio positioned in the heart of Welkom, bringing the 'sound of your life' to the community of Welkom," concludes Cheryl Seymour, centre manager, Goldfields Mall.

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