The Liberty Radio Awards is well established as an independent and transparent programme that aims to recognise excellence in radio.

"By recognising those who create excellent radio content, we provide a measure for radio professionals to be evaluated against their peers," says Lance Rothschild, CEO of the Liberty Radio Awards.

"Through acknowledging excellence, we are securing the long-term sustainability of the industry as a credible source of information. The higher the quality of the content produced, the longer people will retain their relationship with a particular radio station," adds Rothschild.

"For the 2019 Liberty Radio Awards programme, we are not introducing any new categories; however, following consultation with station management and personnel within the public broadcasting service stations, it was decided to separate PBS and commercial radio stations within the various categories," Rothschild says.

Rothschild adds, "We will thus recognise and acknowledge excellence in the four main broadcast pillars of radio: Campus, Community, Commercial and PBS, as well as some awards for online radio."

Killy Bacela, divisional director of group brand and marketing at the Liberty Radio Awards, says, "The Liberty Radio Awards are in line with our ethos of partnering with our clients at different moments of their lives."

"Much like how radio uses insights and expertise to engage with listeners, Liberty uses the same to assist customers in achieving financial freedom through their life's journey," Bacela adds.

"Furthermore, radio has the ability to empower society through the sharing of information, and that is why we, at Liberty, believe that radio will continue to grow and enrich the lives of many South Africans as it has continued to do for many years," Bacela says.

There is no fee for entering the Liberty Radio Awards.

All entries must be submitted through the online entry portal, which can be accessed through the Liberty Radio Awards website.

For more information, visit You can also follow the Liberty Radio Awards on Facebook or on Twitter.