Tap into the trends so that you know, not just think, that your content is going to get attention.

Remember this: Shareable content entertains in a way that generates delight, amusement and gravitas. We’re not hitting people over the head with microwave ovens. We are luring them in with excitement, awe, fun and laughter as well as information they will want to grab onto with both hands, making them long to read more.

Here are 11 tips for producing shareable content:

1. Make it engaging

Be witty and exciting, yet be mindful of your audience.

2. Don’t write yourself into a keyword conundrum

Use your keywords sparingly throughout. Always remember not to brand bash, whatever you do.

3. Make the content readable at all times

Make your content readable with short paragraphs and bullet points. Leave them with a teaser. That will make them want to read more.

4. Continue obsessively with your blogging

Never think you have done enough. You have never done enough. If need be, write the same stories over with different angles and hooks.

5. Know your audience

Speak to what is going to pique people’s interests. Get them wanting more.

6. Remember that content doesn't have to be boring

Balance being fun with being informative.

7. Know who the centre points of your syndication are

These are the ones that ping audiences into consciousness.

8. Connect with your audience

While about wanting more, is there a takeaway at the end? Not just commercially, but emotionally. There should be both, in equal measure.

9. Keep your audience's interests at heart

Do you know your audience so well that you know what defines their desires? You should.

10. Have a content calendar in place

Having a content calendar is vital for subjects, themes and posting place awareness.

11. Be aware of who is sharing what

If something is not being shared that you believe should be, take stock of your message, theme and tone.

Blog, vlog and use strategic plans

Sharing content that you have been vlogging – whether on YouTube, Vine or whatever – follows the same rules as those for blogging on websites and the like. Just make sure that you are not bypassing any copyright issues (mainly regarding music and stock images) in your content being shared.

Affirmation is key in content production

Sharing something that’s affirmative and defines people in a positive way is what’s going to sell. There’s so much data (90%, some researchers have said) that is nonsense.

There's data that's not going to move anyone to do anything, but then the people involved in that kind of content don’t know and have never been able to brandish confirmation from a reputable place of learning.

Eagerly sought-after digital marketing courses will nurture and equip you to produce the most shareable content in the world. Go for it.

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