"Whether you want to know which settings to use to photograph a lion in Botswana, or if you just want nice photos of your family, everyone is welcome," says the team at go! magazine.

The content, which is made up of six modules, covers the basic principles of photography, like composition and photo editing and the different functions of D-SLR cameras. The go! team will also assist those who have recently bought a new camera by helping them figure out all the buttons and dials.

The course is available to anyone with an Internet connection. Learners will have unlimited access to the course, which means they can work through the content in their own time. They will progress from one module to the next by completing (and passing) a short test. 

To sign up, individuals will need to visit takebetterphotos.gomag.co.za and pay a one-off fee of R950 in order to start their first module. Additionally, individuals also have the option of buying a voucher as a gift.

The course is also available in Afrikaans as Weg! Neem Beter Fotos at neembeterfotos.weg.co.za.

For more information, visit www.takebetterphotos.gomag.co.za. You can also follow go! magazine on Facebook, Twitter or on Instagram.