Kiewit was a news intern at CapeTalk in 2004 before he became a journalist. According to CapeTalk, he joined television in 2008, where he developed a reputation for being a tough and brave reporter with a gift for story-telling.

"I’m excited to be returning to what I consider home. I started my career in journalism at CapeTalk and EWN in 2004, learning about the wonder of radio under John Maytham, Mike Wills and Charlotte Kilbane," Kiewit says.

Kiewit adds, "I live by the adage that radio is truly the theatre of the mind. I can think of no other place I’d love to be a player than at CapeTalk." 

"The addition of Lester to our line-up is a home-coming for this veteran journalist who honed his skills at our station. Listeners will remember him as one of the prolific on-the-ground news reporters during his earlier tenure at CapeTalk," says CapeTalk programme manager, Tessa van Staden.

"Lester was born and raised in Cape Town and takes great pleasure in exploring his hometown and learning more about the city's history. His experience as a journalist – coupled with his history with CapeTalk – means this familiar storyteller will return to the airwaves to unpack local and international news in a way that will capture the hearts and minds of our listeners," van Staden adds.

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