Viceroy global brand manager Renato Santana says “As the world constantly changes, so do our habits and the way we connect with each other. That’s why Viceroy, which has a rich heritage and celebrates over a century of tradition, prides itself in still remaining relevant across the generations.”

Adams created a film that aims to appeal to a more youthful Kenyan market.

“Inspired by the diamond-patterned ‘cage’ encasing the bottle, we wanted this ad to celebrate the kaleidoscope of forces – natural, cultural, social – that influence and shape Kenya today,” adds Adams.

“With so many visual elements at play, it meant the hard work was all in the post production. Buying into our vision, the post-production team of Stephen Du Plessis [2+3 Post Productions], Blake Prinsloo [Static Black] and Nic Apostoli [Comfort & Fame] put in an outstanding effort,” he says.

Adams adds, “Each shot had to be meticulously designed and choreographed to work in the diamond template so that, although busy, the uniform structure and sequence holds the viewer’s attention without becoming overwhelming.”

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