McKane has knowledge of a wide range of topics, including cryptocurrency. McKane pioneered MyBroadband’s reporting on Ethereum and Bitcoin – and the projects surrounding them – when many players in the industry were complete unknowns.

According to MyBroadband, his knowledge of PC hardware and systems has also proven to be invaluable, and he is the go-to guy in the office whenever someone needs advice about buying a new processor, graphics card or monitor.

McKane holds a bachelor of arts degree in English from the Univesity of the Witwatersrand, and is a self-taught techie with experience in coding and building tech solutions.

Prior has a BJourn from Rhodes University. MyBroadbrand says he has quickly proved himself a sharp tech journalist and immediately started covering events and big tech news stories after joining the team.

"Jamie’s promotion to senior journalist and Bradley joining the team will cement MyBroadband’s place as the biggest and best technology website in South Africa," says MyBroadband editor Kevin Lancaster. "Their tech knowledge and journalism skills are a great asset to the company and I always look forward to reading what they serve up every day."

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