media update’s Jenna Cook uncovers four signs you should look out for if you’re thinking about leaving the office life.

As a content creator, it's your job to conjure up thoughtful blog pieces, design spectacular graphics and craft award-winning pitches – all this from the comfort of your office chair. A change of scenery is a good way to get inspired, so for all you content creators needing a little more inspiration, here are four signs that remote working is for you.

Ready to dive in? Working remotely might be exactly what you need if:

1. You’re easily distracted by your workspace

As a creative, in order for you to really tap into your creative juices, you need to be in an environment that inspires you. And opting to work remotely can do just that. How? You get to choose exactly where you want to work.

You have the opportunity to be in a space where you know you’re more inclined to do your best work. You might be wondering: Do places like that exist? Yes, they do indeed, and they’re a lot easier to find than you’d think.

Your most focussed space might be in the comfort of your living room or even at the little cafe down the road.

2. Your daily commute is rather painful

It’s 05:30 and you’ve just jumped in your car, takeaway breakfast and makeup bag in tow. Why? Either, you enjoy the thrill of slurping down your high-protein smoothie while applying your mascara OR it’s a long drive to the office, you don’t want to hit traffic (can you imagine if there’s an accident?). Our guess: it’s the latter.

Your daily commute can be a huge, and unnecessary, stress on your life. Whether it’s because you live far away, the traffic is hectic or that you’re committed to taking your kids and dogs to school (in case you haven’t heard, puppy day school is a thing now).

Why not cut out the commute altogether? Not only will you protect yourself from the perilous drive to and from work, but you’ll also able to save a few bucks on fuel.

3. You find yourself being more productive outside of working hours

If you find that you work more productively after your company's doors close, why not work at your most optimal creative time? When you’re working remotely, you have all the resources you need to get the job done.

Keep in mind that many companies may expect you to work during their traditional working hours. And if that's the case for you, then ask them if you can re-negotiate your hours to a more 'freelance' time interval.

Remember, in this particular case, honesty is key. Be sure to set up a meeting before you start your remote work to discuss your schedule and any other amendments that need to be made before you fly off to your dream job. 

4. You dream of travelling more – a lot more

There's only so far you can go on the two days you get off every week. And in such a short amount of time, it's almost impossible to truly experience the new places you've been dying to explore.

This is where remote working comes in. Because if you can choose to work from any location – provided it has an Internet connection – there's nothing stopping you from spending more than two days in a certain place.

This is a great way to travel, experience new cultures and lifestyles while safe in the knowledge that you're earning a living.

Have you left the office and started working remotely? Great! We want to know about it. Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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