media update’s Jenna Cook investigates just how high drones could take journalism.

What exactly is drone journalism? It’s when a journalist operates a drone – a remote controlled and unmanned machine made for flying (usually fitted with a payload, such as a camera or sensor that detects different factors in an environment) – and uses it to help collect, document and report on stories.

Whether the drone provides the journalist with a never-before-seen view of a natural disaster or information on the quality of the surrounding air – these machines have made it possible for journalists to change the way their audiences see the world.

Here’s why that’s exciting for journalism:

Have you ever used drones as part of the reporting process? Let us hear about your experience in the comments section below.

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Drones aren’t the only tech-savvy creation changing the world of journalism. If you’ve heard of robot writers, you’ll know that they, too, are making an impact. But the question is: Are news-writing robots the new face of journalism?
*Image courtesy of Vecteezy