Jacaranda FM’s Breakfast with Martin Bester gave Marelize an airplane ticket courtesy of British Airways, and operated by Comair, to join the station at the event.

Listeners can access the full interview with Marelize here. [To listen to the radio interview with Marelize, all you have to is hit play at the top of your screen!]. Those who have yet to see the video can view it below:

About the event

Jacaranda FM and Tracker’s Off the Beat ‘n Track features routes for toddlers, intermediate, advanced and competitive riders as well as a world-class music festival after the race.

Children aged two to 13 years can choose from the 1.2km, 5km and 10km riding distances. Note that minimum age restrictions apply: No children under the age of two for the 1.2km event, no children under the age of 5 for the 5km event and no children under the age of 10 for the 10km. From 5km upwards there are no maximum age limits.

Riders 14 years and up can choose the 25km riding distance and the advanced riders, 16 years and older, can enter the 50km race, which is a timed and seeded event, sanctioned by the Cycling South Africa Governing Body.

To ensure the safety of riders, a strict 'no helmet, no ride' policy will be applied.

Once the ride is done, participants and families can enjoy performances from three of South Africa’s live acts: Rubber Duc, Lloyd Cele and DJ Jazzy D. While the music plays, there’ll be Acrobranch for all ages, a designated childrens’ area and an array of food trucks.

"This event and the atmosphere are one of a kind, and we’re thrilled that it’s now an annual part of the MTB calendar," says Kevin Fine, general manager of Jacaranda FM. "There’s something for everyone, whether you’re a professional or casual rider, or just starting out – even if you’re just there to enjoy the music and outdoors." 

Tracker CEO, Wayne de Nobrega, says, "This is the third year Tracker has partnered with Jacaranda to present Off the Beat ‘n Track. The event is now well established as a family fun day, and we love that it takes place in a safe and child-friendly environment. It’s a chance to spend the morning on your bike, relax on the lawns and enjoying some of South Africa’s best musical talent."

For more information, visit www.offthebeatntrack.co.za. You can also follow Off the Beat 'n Track on Facebook, Twitter or on Instagram.