According to CNN, its reporting across the African continent has been a longstanding and essential component to the success of the network since CNN International launched in 1985.

As a global leader in news, alongside expertise from anchors and correspondents such as Robyn Curnow, David McKenzie, Eleni Giokos, Zain Asher and Farai Sevenzo, CNN aims to provide both a global and simultaneously local perspective when reporting on stories that originate in Africa.

This approach was recently recognised by the Royal Television Society, when CNN’s coverage was awarded a Breaking News Journalism Award.

Ellana Lee, senior vice president of CNN International and head of CNN Vision, says, "Described as a ‘journalistic and technical triumph that caught the excitement of the moment’, it was the latest accolade that reinforced our reputation for how we report breaking news in Africa."

"But how does an international news brand go beyond the headlines and best reflect the cultural transformation taking place across the continent? As head of CNN Vision, the creative production arm of CNN International, it’s my job to translate this proven understanding of Africa and deliver that to our global audience," Lee adds.

In 2018, CNN Vision contributed more than 1 300 hours of original programming on CNN International, with three individual shows being dedicated to Africa alone. These programmes, African Voices, Marketplace Africa and Inside Africa, aim to spotlight the business, cultural movements and change-makers who are shaping the continent.

Now, CNN is celebrating 10 years of African Voices — a culture show that has sought to bring a diverse range of the biggest and brightest personalities from across the continent to the rest of the world.

Every week, African Voices highlights three different figures from Africa who lead the narrative to show ‘their Africa’ to viewers.

The show has traced numerous stories — from the start of their careers to international recognition, such as the likes of Trevor Noah, Sanaa Hamri and Lupita Nyong'o. It has also highlighted the talents of Chimamanda Adichie and Akon.

"By applying our journalistic principles to these long-form series, documentaries and specials, we are able to find these authentic stories on the ground and accurately portray the changing narrative around the continent," says Lee.

"In the decade since African Voices first aired, CNN has developed into a truly multi-platform media company in line with a younger, more tech-savvy Africa, who increasingly approach the world with a digital-first outlook. We can see from studies like Ipsos’ Affluent Survey Africa that social media is the first point of call for news and many more are now watching TV on mobile devices," Lee adds.

"As we celebrate 10 years of airing African Voices across digital and social [platforms] during March, we will continue to use our global footprint to tell the stories of the people, technologies and businesses shaping Africa’s future in the years ahead," Lee concludes.

African Voices airs on CNN International on Wednesday, 13 March at 10:30 GMT (12:30 SAST).

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