In so doing, the radio station became the most nominated campus radio station in the country, and the second most nominated overall (campus, community, PBS and commercial), falling only three short of the radio station with the highest number of nominations for the year.
  • Afternoon Drive Presenter — Duane Jeffery Van Wyk and Kea Boya
  • Afternoon Drive ShowThe Tuks FM Drive Show
  • Breakfast ShowThe Tuks FM Breakfast Show
  • Community Project — '#PayItForward'
  • Daytime ShowHot Topic
  • Multi-channel Promotion — 'Hear the Sights'
  • Music ShowLocals Only and The Tuks FM Hip Hop Show
  • Night-time ShowLocals Only and The Tuks FM Hip Hop Show
  • Promotions Stunt/Event — '#PayItForward' and The Tuks FM Radio Indaba 2018
  • Radio Documentary#BetterToKnow
  • Radio Innovation —'Hear The Sights'
  • Station ImagingTuks FM 107.2
  • Weekend Radio ShowSaturday and Sunday Nights with Aaron and Tuks FM Top 40
Tuks FM is also the only campus or community radio station to be nominated in the Multi-Channel Promotion and Radio Innovation categories, with all the other nominees being commercial radio stations.

Station manager Leanne Kunz says the achievement is a massive feather in their cap and shows that the repositioning the station underwent in 2018 is bearing fruit.

"We made sweeping changes at basically every level of Tuks FM’s operations in 2018 in a bid to realign ourselves with our core market. This included implementing a structured, intensive training programme under programme manager Mike Bower, which has vastly improved our output overall," says Kunz.

"I think the number of nominations we received this year is a reflection of those changes, as well as a massive team effort to make Tuks FM the best campus radio station in the country," Kunz adds.

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