To access the online survey, click here or go to and look for the 'Click here to Vote' button at the top of the homepage.

"It is apt that the start date for voting for this year's MOST Awards falls in the same week as the 25th democratic elections," says Sandra Gordon, founder of the MOST Awards. "Voting remains a way in which we can actively contribute to the betterment of our country and our society."

"Similarly, by providing a platform which allows media players to rate each other’s performance, MOST helps us, as an industry, to remain accountable and to continuously strive for excellence in service delivery," Gordon adds.

The overall goal of the awards is to motivate media owners and media agencies to improve their businesses through service performance. Media agency employees are invited to rate the performance of the media owner sales teams with whom they have frequent contact, and vice versa.

The online MOST Awards survey asks respondents to select the companies that they wish to vote for and requires that they are scored against a number of specific performance criteria. Companies are then ranked according to this data.

For more information, or to sponsor the 2019 MOST Awards, contact [email protected] or [email protected].