rooi rose is the first traditional magazine in South Africa to claim this new medium as another touch point with its readers.

Editor Martie Pansegrouw says rooi rose is a magazine that has never been shy of breaking the mould. "[rrRADIO] is just another way in which we are sharing our heart with our readers, meeting them where they are at, addressing their needs and answering their burning questions. In effect, we are sharing their very busy day and helping them find more ‘me time’."

According to rooi rose, research has shown that listeners are more responsive to ads read by podcast hosts, much like any type of endorsement. 

rrRADIO season one

rooi rose is introducing rrRADIO with three original series created by the magazine's content team, headed by rooi rose’s deputy editor, features editor and rrRADIO executive producer, Hannelie Diedericks.

"For rooi rose, podcasts are an organic extension of the original, quality content rooi rose is known for," says Hannelie. "Our content pillars live very comfortably in this audio format. As an avid podcast listener myself, it seemed like a natural progression of what we were already doing in print and digital."

"Although there is such a wide choice of podcasts already available, with rrRADIO, we are creating the first Afrikaans women’s interest podcast channel. With the high demand on people’s time in the multimedia universe, we believe that it is any publisher’s or broadcaster’s job to find their audience where they are at and delivering the content that they want, when and where they want it," Hannelie concludes.

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