At PAMRO 2018 in Lagos, Nigeria, Ipsos put forward a scenario of how audience measurement has grown exponentially over four phases, from its early days in the 1900s (when the Audit Bureau of Circulations was created in the United States) to the space in which it is now, as a result of the plethora of media channels and devices.

The presentation aimed to offer a solution to what it called the 'Fifth Age of Audience Measurement', where research methodologies need to be re-calibrated in response to a fast-changing media environment where, according to the paper, "the quest for total understanding of audiences is higher than it has ever been. It is also an era where politics and economics are far greater barriers to progress than technical concerns".

Audience Measurement 5.0 aims to employ device-agnostic surveys, passive data collection, the integration of multiple data sources with traditional survey data and skilled human practitioners. It also encourages co-operation among different media and resource sharing to overcome financial barriers.

Drawing on case studies, this year's presentation will aim to show how passive simplicity, coupled with science, allows dives into data that result in actionable insights.

#PAMRO2019 will take place from Sunday, 25 August to Wednesday, 28 August at Hilton Mauritius Resort and Spa.

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