Wondering what stories have been making waves this week? You’re in luck — we have all the answers you need. Here are five of the stories that have been #trending this week:

1. #SecretToSuccess: What the best PR strategies have in common

Building a great PR strategy is key if you want to remain competitive within the PR space — by offering prospective clients great PR strategies, you'll become the preferred choice.
In public relations, a good strategy is the key to success. But how can you tell a good strategy from a bad one?

In this article, media update identifies 10 of the things that good PR strategies have in common.

2. Infographic: Understanding the POPI Act: 10 FAQs answered

The POPI Act is a code of conduct for all businesses. It encourages the protection of personal information that is processed by public and private bodies.
Businesses across South Africa are waiting with bated breath for the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act to be implemented. But before it does, you need to ask yourself: ‘How much do I really know about the Act?’

media update answers 10 of the most frequently answered questions about the POPI Act, all neatly packaged into a nifty infographic.

3. Dear PR pro: Here are four things journalists want you to know

A job in PR is one of early days, late nights and many cups of coffee. Crazy clients, insane deadlines and bags under your eyes are all a part of the job.
Journalists are the ones actually publishing the content that PR professionals produce, so it would make sense to take their tips and tricks to heart.

With that in mind, media update offers some advice that'll not only improve your relationships with your media contacts but also increase your chances of getting published.

4. Infographic: What does the future of media look like?

The past few years have seen the media industry experience highs — and extreme lows — with many people predicting print’s impending downfall. However, here we are in 2019, and the future of both print and digital is looking bright!
The past few years have thrown light to the print versus digital debate, with many industry experts unsure if print would survive the digital evolution of the world.

However, industry trends have actually shown that the future as not as ‘gloomy’ as what was once forecast. Both mediums are actually coming into their own in 2019, and we’ve got the infographic to prove it!

5. How to build a disruptive marketing strategy in four simple steps

Disruption goes way beyond advertising — it forces you to think about where you want your brand to go and how to get there.
With so much content out there, the only way to stand out is to disrupt the norm — and that’s what disruptive marketing aims to do.

It works because it is not focussed on the brand, but rather, the consumer. It is not just a chance for brands to say “Look at me — you need this!”, but rather, it’s a chance for brands to say “Hey consumers — we know you have X problem and we’ve solved it!”.

In this article, media update takes you through the four steps to building a disruptive marketing strategy.

What are your thoughts on this week’s trending stories? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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