Wondering which stories have been making waves this week? You’re in luck — we have all the answers you need. Here are five of the stories that have been #trending this week:

1. The rise of fake news: Who’s pointing fingers at who?

When it comes to fake news, fingers are pointed in all directions, often making it difficult to pinpoint exactly where the news originated. 
‘Fake news’ is a term that holds strong in the media in 2019, with many publishers trying to find ways to prevent the spread of misinformation.

But detecting the source is not the only problem; fake news spreads because many people struggle to identify what’s considered to be true or false.

media update puts ‘fake news’ under the microscope and uncovers who’s to blame for the spread of misinformation — if anyone.

2. Understanding the POPI Act: 10 FAQs answered

Its impending implementation has sent many business owners and marketers into a frenzy to ensure that their practices do not contradict the Act. 
The Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act is well on its way to being implemented in South Africa.

The Act aims to encourage the protection of personal information that is processed by both public and private bodies.

But before it is implemented, media update answers some of the most frequently asked questions about the POPI Act to make sure you — and your business — are 100% prepared.

3. The Fourth Industrial Revolution: An African perspective

The 4IR is humanity coming together with digital technology to make working environments and lifestyles easier.
The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is set to bring about fundamental changes in every facet of human lives. 

It will have a profound impact on how we live, communicate and navigate workspaces. Whether or not Africa is prepared for this paradigm shift is another story ... 

media update explains the effect that the fourth industrial revolution will have on the African continent and its people. 

4.Targeting on social media: The why and how

Targeting options on social media are constantly evolving to help social media adverts make a greater impact.
Social media targeting helps advertisers reach their audiences on social media with relevant and impactful marketing messages. 

Once you know who your ideal consumer is, and where to find them on social media, targeting is easy and makes your brand's advertisements highly effective.

The team at social media tracking and reporting service amaSocial breaks it down simply.

5. How to become a chartered marketer in South Africa

Becoming a professional chartered marketer promotes an individual’s career prospects, adding status and prestige to the profession.
Chartered Marketer SA — CM(SA) — is a professional designation, which alludes to the experience and qualification of the designated person. 

In today’s competitive job market, being designated means that the respective individual has a competitive advantage.

media update reveals what the designation means, why it is beneficial and how to obtain it.

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