"Never before has momentum in the print industry been as important and relevant as it is right now," says editor Andrea Caknis says.

"Expanding into fresh (and sometimes dangerous) waters, delivering content differently and finding ways of standing out in a cluttered market have been the driving forces behind the revamp of the now fortnightly people magazine," Caknis adds.

"I read a piece in a magazine the other day and it really hit home," says Caknis. "The reality is this: no app, no streamlined website, no vertical integration, no social network, no algorithm, no paywall [and] no soft paywall has come close to matching the success of print in terms of its permanence and reader loyalty."

"And with that in mind, we have taken on the challenge to keep up with these giants and continue to grow stronger than ever. No matter how technology advances, there will always be something human and substantial about a print publication," she says.

"It's that feel of actual paper between your fingers, knowing that tomorrow it will still be there should you want to pick it up for a re-read," says Caknis.

people magazine has not only revamped its design but also showcases a wide range of content in the following sections:
  • Lifestyle (Fashion, Beauty, Health, Décor, Money Talks, Travel, In The Kitchen, What's In Her Bag, DIY, What the Tarot Holds)
  • Real Life (Human Interest Stories)
  • Spotlight (10 Things You Should Be Watching Right Now, Movies, Book, CD, App reviews, TV Movie and Reviews)
  • Celeb Interviews
  • The Catch-up Section (Celeb stories you might have missed, as well as a few global interest pieces)
  • A Puzzle section now containing a variety of 37 puzzles
Additionally, people is including a Young Royals special, in which the publication celebrates the next generation of the British Monarchy.

"Change is always daunting at first, but we're confident that the new fortnightly people magazine — with its wonderful new content and fresh look — will maintain and indeed grow the publication's popularity amongst our readers and advertisers," says Anton Botes, Caxton Magazine's general manager.

The online version of the magazine and the website remains unchanged.

For more information, visit www.peoplemagazine.co.za. You can also follow people magazine on Facebook, Twitter or on Instagram.