Claudelle Naidoo took up her new role of MD on Friday, 24 May.

According to MediaCom South Africa, Naidoo's depth of experience in managing large accounts and portfolios — along with her knowledge and understanding of the South African and African landscape — are essential in enhancing, innovating and improving client experiences.

Apart from her local background, she has spent almost two decades of her career working across the continent in the research and insights space.

"The industry is constantly evolving," says Naidoo. "More than ever before, our clients require expert opinions and advice in order to achieve performance levels and business goals."

"My vision is to take our clients' businesses to the next level, unlock opportunities, and most importantly, enable them to make the right business decisions through our partnership," adds Naidoo.

Claudelle Naidoo is a marketing, consumer and media research specialist with experience across multi-million Rand portfolios. These portfolios have involved organisations such as Media 24, Caxton and Kagiso Media.

Naidoo considers herself to be a 'change-maker' who finds a business problem, seeks a solution and drives positive transformation for all stakeholders. Over the last few years, Naidoo has regularly lectured at Vega on topics she is passionate about. In addition, she is also a qualified journalist who writes in her spare time for well-known sites.

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