The City of Cape Town fines the homeless

The magazine puts a spotlight on the City of Cape Town, which has recently implemented fines against the homeless (page 14). Its decision was influenced by Capetonians who stated that they felt 'invaded' by the homeless.

According to the magazine, although the implementation intended to address the complaints, many feel that the solution is unfair as the homeless cannot afford to pay the fines when they struggle to buy food.

An outreach making a difference

The Big Issue features Colleen Lewis, who began the U-turn Homeless Ministries 20 years ago when she saw the need to provide food and shelter to the homeless (page 16). The ministry was founded when Lewis approached a homeless man, gave him food and asked him to return the following week.

Since this first outreach, Lewis's organisation has grown and has been working with Cape Town's homeless communities ever since.

Taylor Stuart giving good vibes

Stand-up Stuart Taylor is put in The Big Issue spotlight as the edition dissects 'how he keeps spreading those good vibes' (page 10).

"I didn't understand the concept of 'leaving them wanting more,'" Taylor says. However, now 42 years old, Stuart has 'mastered' the art of suspense, while maintaining his ability to hold his audiences spellbound.

The legacy of St John’s

St John, a registered non-profit organisation, has been providing affordable community health training and care to South African communities for 136 years (page 26).

The organisation offers services in first aid, basic health and home care in South Africa.

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