Here are the five stories that has everyone talking the past week:

1. The death of AVE — PR needs more accurate metrics

“Each PR campaign should be analysed individually, and based on the analysis, more accurate metrics should be used.”
Advertising Value Equivalency (AVE) has long been the main measure of success for public relations. The problem is that AVE has been the go-to measurement for PR since the 1940s, but now, almost a century later, it hasn’t quite adapted to the digital nature of the industry.

media update takes a look at AVE as a metric for PR, and weighs up its real value against other options.

2. The South African freelancer conundrum: How much do I charge?

“As a freelancer in South Africa, quoting potential clients can often be tricky. Charge too much, and you’ll scare off the client; charge too little, and you won’t get paid fairly for the work you’ve done.”
Often it is found that freelancers don’t charge enough. And after reading this article, you might find that this is also the case when it comes to your own freelance work.. 

media update has compiled some of the most important stats to come out of the 2018/2019 SA Freelancer media industry and rates report.

3. Infographic: Five content marketing metrics you need to measure

“Metrics can be used to tell you how many people are reading your content, how many are engaging and exactly what they are doing with it.”
When it comes to building a successful marketing strategy, you need to make decisions based on data. But having too much data to work with can make that nearly impossible.

media update takes you through five content marketing metrics that you need to measure in this nifty infographic.

4. Goodbye influencers — hello traditional PR!

“Social media campaigns and working with influencers was not effective for what clients wanted to achieve.”
It's the height of the digital age, and one public relations company has decided to wave goodbye to social media and influencers and say 'hello' to traditional PR practices.

media update takes a look at why they made this move and what its effects have been.

5. Social media sentiment: What is it and why you should care

“70% of your followers will go do research before they purchase a product from you.”
Measuring your social media sentiment is vital if you want to create a solid strategy to promote your brand online. Social media moves at an incredibly fast rate; therefore, you need to ensure that you stay up to date with what your followers are saying about your brand.

media update tackles an important subject that not many people give attention to — social media sentiment.

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*Images courtesy of Vecteezy and Pexels