"We know how tough it can be in our current economy to save for that dream home or put money aside for your child's education," says programme manager Naveen Singh. "We wanted to offer an opportunity that can literally change someone's life by giving them a chance to win a really large sum of money."

Breakfast Show co-host, Lindy Lehto, says that there is a need for positive news and that the station's mandate is to keep South Africans in good spirits. "As a media broadcaster, we have so much power to influence mood, and that's what we are all about. We are so excited to be the first to offer the biggest cash prize ever in South African radio. That's two million reasons to smile." 

The competition will launch on Monday, 7 October, and will run until the end of November. The station says that the competition is open to all South Africans over 18 years old and will involve a 'music-driven mechanism with a surprise finale'.

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