If the weekend has left you feeling out of sorts and behind on the news, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Here are the top five trending stories of the week:

1. Understanding the POPI Act: 10 FAQs answered

The Act will introduce certain conditions that will establish the minimum requirements that businesses must comply with when processing personal information.
The Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act is well on its way to being implemented in South Africa. The act was enacted in 2013, but has yet to be put into practice in South Africa. Its impending implementation has sent many business owners and marketers into a frenzy to ensure that their practices do not contradict the Act.

But before it is, media update answers some of the most frequently asked questions about it.

2. 10 Social media terms you should add to your vocabulary

The world of social media practically has its own language. How can you ‘action’ these words if you don’t even know what they mean?
A large number of new social media terms have come to light over the recent years, and it can be confusing to keep up with all of them — never mind trying to understand what they mean or how to use them. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered.

The team at media update reveal 10 social media terms you need to add to your vocabulary — if you haven’t already.

3. 10 FAQs about social media law in South Africa

You’re basically acting as a brand ambassador … for yourself. That means you need to be your own public relations manager as well and be ready to prepare for any crisis that may occur — and these crises could have legal implications.
Ever wonder if a social media post could get you fired? Or, if you share an image from one of your friend’s pages, are you committing copyright infringement? 

The thing about posting online is, you have to remember that your content is available to the public — despite your privacy settings.

media update dives into 10 of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the laws of social media in South Africa.

4. 10 phrases made popular by social media

Feeling a bit ‘thirsty’? That might not mean what you think it does. And in the digital world, it’s not always something that can be quenched with water.
Feeling like your social media terminology is not ‘on fleek’? If you’re feeling a bit ‘salty’ about your terminology — and if you had no clue what you just read — then it might be time for you to brush up on some of the terms and phrases made popular by social media.

If you thought ‘bae’ was the place where ships dock at the beach, and ‘salty’ is when too much spice has been added to your food, then you might be in trouble.

Don't worry, because media update is here to take you through the meanings of the top 10 terms and phrases popularised by social media.

5. Growth hacking explained

Growth hacking is all about making BIG things happen, while only using very few resources. Basically, in the way that ‘Life Hacks’ offer shortcut ways to get things done, growth hacking does the same thing — but for brands.
Growth hacking is the hottest new bit of jargon to hit the marketing world. The term ‘growth hacking’ was coined in 2010, but it has only recently become widely used in marketing circles.

Not entirely sure what it’s all about? Fear not, because media update is here to let you in on all you need to know about this trendy buzzword.

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