The new publisher aims to be a premium content house that makes choices that will change the world. The group consists of a number of companies, including The BarLeader.TV. Recently, the group celebrated its one-year anniversary in online magazine content production with its film and TV magazine, The Bar.

It is also finalising its acquisition of Destiny and Destiny Man titles from Ndalo Media (Pty) Ltd, which went into liquidation in early 2019. The group will infuse their credible and creative approach to content to re-introduce the magazine in the market.

"There's an important place and need for both magazines and there is still no publication that successfully does what Destiny and Destiny Man did and that's why it needed to return," says Legend Manqele, The Bar CEO.

"We need platforms that celebrate businessmen and women within various fields to offer business insight and literacy while highlighting possible careers that not only grow our economy but also decrease the unemployment rate," adds Manqele.

According to the group, the need for publishers to constantly evolve in how they package content is fast becoming a pre-requisite, accompanied by a long-term vision. The International Federation of Periodical Publishers shared a report on the rising concerns over the future of print in the world by highlighting that print media is not entirely under threat, but a shift has to happen for the industry to remain sustainable.

This indicates that print is not dead, but the mismanagement of it is causing it to die. The group says that data and access are still a huge issue for most Africans, leaving an untapped audience that may be denied the opportunity to access information that print provides through its longevity and ability to travel for longer.

With this in mind, the group's vision is to develop content that will drive change and make an impact. Consumers can look forward to a combination of local, continental and global content that addresses business success, trends and challenges.

"Learning and resilience will always serve one well, even in business," concludes Manqele. "We have the choice to not only make great turnovers but to bring impact to people and also change the world through our stories."

Destiny and Destiny Man will be on shelves bi-monthly starting from the end of October. The magazines will be available at select retail stores with their first issues set to showcase a new look and feel, as well as an integrated multimedia direction for the two publications.

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