The army against global environmental crisis

According to Issue #280, climate change affects not only our environment but humanity as well. The magazine contemplates how much South Africans know about the topic and how it is being framed in the country’s narrative.

Issue #280 says that it has an "environmental conscience" and is "committed to raising awareness about climate change, not just around special calendar days or world events."

The Big Issue puts the spotlight on various organisations, individuals and movements who share their perspectives on the climate crisis. It draws a particular focus to the "army of young people" who are calling world leaders and industries to account.

Look out for the highlights, which feature Greta Thunberg (front page and page 12), as well as South African youth climate activists Alex Koopman, Ayakha Melithafa, Yusra Peters (page 8) and Lily Shaw (page 15).

South Africa in the climate change conversation

The Big Issue emphasises South Africa's role in climate change by giving focus to Extinction Rebellion Mzansi, who has called for the radical reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (page 28).

Additionally, the magazine sees Greenpeace Africa welcoming the arrival of the research vessel Arctic Sunrise at the Port of Cape Town (page 30), as well as the introduction of Carbon Tax and its impact on the poverty-stricken.

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