The media and entertainment giant received the Best Promo Team of the Year Award, among eight Gold accolades, nine Silver and seven Bronze. It was nominated in 37 different award categories, including:
  • Best Copy and Scriptwriting
  • Best Image Campaign 
  • Best Entertainment Campaign
  • Best Public Service Announcement  
  • Sponsorship Campaign
Up by six awards this year, Comedy Central received a total of 11 accolades, five of which were Gold with innovative content productions for Roast of AKA and Public Service Announcement Novemballs.

MTV Base with MTV Baes and Hottest MCs received four awards together with VIMN Africa's Mandela and Women's Day public initiatives. MTV's Flat Man and Best Time of Life achieved recognition with three awards, while BET's Hip Hop Weekend earned a nod. Nickelodeon's Toy Sprint took two award recognitions in both Gold and Silver.

"We are incredibly proud of the tremendous amount of nominations and wins that we received at this year's PromaxBDA Africa Awards," says Alex Okosi, executive vice president and managing director for VIMN Africa and BET International.

"At VIMN Africa, we work hard with our partners to deliver cutting-edge creative and content that resonates with our consumers and clients. These awards are a testament to the power of our creative team," concludes Okosi.

The winners were announced at the PromaxBDA Africa Awards ceremony, which took place on Thursday, 7 November at the Maslow Hotel in Sandton. The winning VIMN Africa campaigns from the PromaxBDA Africa Awards are:

  • Best Promo Team of the Year — VIMN Africa Creative Services
  • Best Copy and Scriptwriting — Comedy Central Novemballs
  • Best Original Logo Design — Comedy Central Roast of AKA
  • Best Weekly Wonder — MTV Base MTV Baes
  • Best Design Without Footage — Nickelodeon Toy Sprint
  • Best Image Campaign — Comedy Central Novemballs
  • Best Public Service Announcement — Comedy Central Novemballs
  • Best Image Promo — Comedy Central Novemballs
  • Best Programme Title Sequence — Comedy Central Roast of AKA
  • Best Entertainment Campaign — Comedy Central Roast of AKA
  • Best Copy and Scriptwriting — VIMN Africa's Women's Day
  • Best Partner Sponsorship Campaign — Nickelodeon Toy Sprint
  • Best Documentary or Factual Entertainment Promo — MTV People vs the People
  • Best Outdoor or Print Ad — MTV Base Hottest MCs
  • Best Promo Only Using Programme Footage — MTV Base Blaze The Trail
  • Best Image Campaign — MTV Best Time Of Your Life
  • Best CG Animation — MTV Flatman
  • Best Entertainment Promo — Comedy Central Friends, Tom Selleck
  • Best Partner Sponsorship Campaign — Comedy Roast of AKA
  • Best Use Design in Video — VIMN Africa Mandela Day
  • Most Outstanding Design in Promotion — MTV Base MTV Baes
  • Best Music Composition — BET Hip Hop Weekend
  • Best Branding Design — Comedy Central Roast of AKA
  • Best Promo not using Programme Footage — Comedy Central Averagers
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