Video Streaming services are pushing network operators to deploy more scalable architecture in an effort to keep up. Currently, there are 33 million people in the United States that have unsubscribed from traditional cable in favour of streaming services. This number is expected to grow to an impressive 55 million by 2022.

While YouTube leads the way in overall consumption, Netflix is an impressively close second, considering it's kept behind a paywall. Not only that, but people who pay for a video streaming service are paying for three on average — meaning many Netflix subscribers are also users of Hulu or Amazon's Prime Video service.

What's most impressive is the fact that, even though over 50% of Internet consumption comes from mobile devices, most video streaming consumption is done on a TV and not a mobile device. This is seen in 70% for the former compared to 15 to 20% for the latter.

Finally, video streaming is growing at an impressive rate outside of the United States. India, for example, is expected to reach three billion Dollars in streaming revenue by 2024. As another example, South Africa is expected to reach $48-million by 2023.

Clearly, consumers want to consume video via an Internet connection. Being that it's more convenient and less expensive comes as no surprise.

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