People listen to podcasts for many different reasons — whether it's to escape to a different world or to have a few laughs after a long day. And South Africa is certainly the place for podcasts — with different cultures and people, think of all the stories!

There's definitely no shortage when it comes to choosing which podcasts to listen to. That's why we've rounded up the best-of-the-best.

Here are the top five South African podcasts you should be listening to:

1. Alibi Radio Series

If you enjoy crime and true stories, then this is the podcast for you. Alibi is an investigative podcast and was a winner at the Vodacom Journalist of The Year Awards in 2017. In the first season, the podcast focuses on a man who was wrongfully convicted and imprisoned for 17 years. His name was Anthony De Vries and he was accused of robbery and double murder under Apartheid.

Ensure to give the podcast a listen and decide for yourself whether or not you think De Vries was truly guilty or not.

2. Lesser Known Somebodies

This podcast sees host Simmi Areff speak to different people from different industries who are talented and unrecognised by others. These people range from comedians to footballers, and many more.

“I tell jokes for a living but I'm living to tell more jokes. I do this podcast for free though, but it is brilliant.” Areff says.

If you are in need of some much-needed inspiration, then Lesser Known Somebodies will lift you right out of your seat and get you ready to reach your goals.

Be sure to give this podcast a listen for a little pick-me-up. (Side note: There is a disclaimer stating that the content is explicit; so with all the readers with kids out there, be vigilant!)

3. Sound Africa

Sound Africa was founded in 2015 by a group of journalists who felt the need to tell purely South African stories. This podcast is all about “seeking out the untold and obscure, going beyond surface-level coverage of big events and shedding light on matters of public interest without losing sight of the human interest”.

The first episode is called African Space and talks about a forgotten space programme that took place in the 1960s in Zambia.

“Did the leader of this wildly ambitious project, Edward Nkoloso, have a plan or was he just the delusional eccentric he was later made out to be?”

Be sure to listen to this podcast to find out.

4. First Person

In this podcast, Marianne Thamm, an award-winning journalist and author, “uncovers some of the extraordinary stories that lurk behind some of the most ordinary-looking South African front doors”.

Thamm goes and speaks to these people wherever they might be — whether it’s in their house, the bar or even in their car — she always ensures that her coverage of these stories is personal, and face-to-face.

This podcast is all about celebrating South Africans who are not celebrities or politicians — just regular people with extraordinary stories to share.

The motto of First Person is “Ordinary People … Extraordinary Lives.” So go ahead and see if this motto holds true.

5. Amabookabooka

We are all well aware of American authors, but how many authors are we aware of in South Africa? Amabookabooka is a novel podcast that allows authors to talk about their books.

In a previous media update article, we spoke to co-founder to Jonathan Ancer, who explains why it’s important to discuss South African books: “I like to think that Amabookabooka plays a role in encouraging people to think, debate, argue, pursue knowledge — and buy books. The more knowledge people have, the more informed choices they can make.”

“The podcast offers an authentic connection between the host, subjects, and audience. It gives a sense of intimacy — we're speaking directly to you. Sound is also a very powerful and personal medium — listeners can tell when a person is nervous, when a person is smiling and can sense tension in a person's voice.”

This is a light and quick podcast to listen to, so be sure to plug in your earphones and crank up that sound to get a good taste of this gem.

Do you have a favourite South African podcast not listed here? Let us know in the comments section below.

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