The music platform's new website provides 'shareable' cards for its user's social media. Deezer will also be putting users' top listened-to tracks into a playlist, called 'Your 2019'. It is next to Flow on the homepage and gives users the 50 tracks that they have been listening to the most. 

Individuals who sign up for Deezer will receive a free trial run of the premium version for the first three months. The statistics that are made available to the users through My Deezer Year include:
  • the user's total listening time
  • the user's top artists, albums, tracks and genre
  • the user's most binged podcast
  • Deezer's new 2019 artist crush
  • the track that the user has been loving
  • the user's listening style (which is either 'creature of habit' or 'adventurer')
  • the user's animal rhythm (based on BPM)
  • the decade the user would relive if they could go back in time 
  • the user's best SongCatcher find
  • the user's top sing-along song (most played with lyrics turned on)
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