Aneez Salie, who is the current editor of the Cape Times, has been appointed to the position of editor-in-chief. Salie will be responsible for the overall editorial oversight of the group. According to the company, this is a well-deserved promotion. This year marks Salie's 40th anniversary with Independent Media.

"This is an awesome responsibility and one I very much look forward to," says Salie. "We are at a crucial point in our young democracy and the media has a vital role to play in ensuring its progression."

"I am hoping to do my bit to support the democratic project by inculcating an environment of ethical and fearless journalism — as well as leadership among the team here at Indy," adds Salie. 

"Our aim is to build bridges within — and between — communities in order to create a strong and united South Africa. I believe that Independent Media has what it takes to do this," Salie says.

Yogas Nair, current editor of The Mercury, has been appointed to the position of deputy editor-in-chief. Nair will work alongside Salie to ensure the quality of the editorial content of Independent Media's publications, as well as upholding and maintaining ethical and balanced reporting across all the titles.

"I am humbled by my appointment and thankful for the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the editorial policy of Independent Media," says Nair. "I look forward to the work that lies ahead, as well as working alongside Aneez Salie." 

Siyavuya Mzantsi will take over the reins from Salie as the editor of Cape Times. Mzantsi is the first black African editor of the Cape Times in its 143-year history. At 26, he is also the youngest editor in the group.

"This is a great honour for me," says Mzantsi. "Aneez Salie has done an incredible job with the Cape Times and admirably paved the road ahead. I am proud to have been under his wing and leadership." 

"I am looking forward to the challenge and I'd like to thank my colleagues for their ongoing support. There is no other newsroom like the Cape Times. Our philosophy of 'each one, teach one,' separates us from the rest," adds Mzantsi.

Melanie Peters has been promoted to the position of editor of Weekend Argus Sunday. According to the publication, Peters has held the position of acting editor for the past 19 months, during which time she has shown her dedication to the publication and its readership.

"I am honoured to continue to work with a good team of journalists who seek the truth, who are the voice of the underdog, who tell the stories of our communities and who do not blindly follow the general consensus," says Peters. "I will always aim to seek an authentic narrative."

Independent Media executive chairman Dr Iqbal Survé extended his congratulations to Salie, Nair, Peters and Mzantsi and says, "These appointments, and others the group has recently made, are a reflection of our ongoing dedication to our business ethos of transforming the South African media space, which seeks to include youth, gender, diversity in the conversation."

"Mzantsi's appointment is very well deserved and I would like to thank Aneez Salie for the role that he has played in nurturing a great pool of talent in his newsroom," adds Survé.

"Peters has performed incredibly well and her appointment is a reflection of her skill and dedication. Yogas's strong leadership and her dedication to her craft have made her the perfect candidate to support Aneez — who is one of our stalwart editors — in his new role as Editor-in-Chief. I have complete confidence in the leadership of these new appointments," concludes Survé. 

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