Dawid, the protagonist of the film, participated in the killing of multiple people during Apartheid but never went to the Truth and Reconcilliation Comission. His family is then murdered in a farm attack and Dawid begins to think that God is punishing him for what he has done in the past. 

With the clear objective of atonement, Dawid decides to help the only survivor from his past Pravesh, played by Kurt Egelhof, to hunt down the location where Pravesh's old anti-Apartheid activist friends from Umkhonto we Sizwe are buried. The duo are then hunted by a syndicate that doesn't want them to reveal the locations.

"This intense film takes us through uncomfortable past," says film director Maynard Kraak. "South Africa got its independence without a civil war. We didn't get an opportunity to open and cleanse the wounds from the past. I am happy to see this film getting acknowledged nationally as well as internationally."

The film concept and the initial story was written by Terwadkar Rajiv, who spent almost three years doing research on the subject matter. Rajiv who also produced the film, says "It's a great feeling when a story [you have written] comes to big screen." 

"The credit really goes to Sean Robert Daniels, who is a Nicholl Fellowship Award-winning screenplay writer, for an amazing screenplay, and the cast and crew for their dedication," concludes Rajiv. "The film acknowledges the past and addresses social integration for South Africa's bright future, making it truly a rainbow nation."

The film had its world premiere in Hollywood at the Pan African Film Festival and has already had three nominations at RapidLion including Best Actor, Best Cinematographer and Best Film.

t the Africa Movie Academy Awards, the film was nominated for Best Screenplay, Best Editing and Best Sound. The film was officially selected in the 40th Durban International Film Festival.

The film also won the Best Supporting Actor Award at the Knysna Film Festival. The film has been proudly supported by The DTI, KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission and National Empowerment Fund. It is also distributed by Blairwood Entertainment internationally and Utkarsh Entertainment for Africa and India.

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