According to Deezer, one of its goals is to provide listeners with personal music experiences. Deezer's signature feature 'Flow' recommends tracks based on a listener's preferences, coupled with its data and algorithm. 

Listeners can now press the unhappy emoji in the app when they hear a song that they do not like in the mix. This action will take the listener to the new 'exclude' menu.

The new 'Ban' menu allows listeners to:
  • stop a song or artist from being recommended again
  • change the mood of their mixes. This is available through the 'Change mood' option in the new menu, where alternatives are given.
  • manage their excluded tracks and artists, in case of a change in musical taste. The platform says that listeners can only do this on the web version of Deezer for the time being.
  • skip a track if they have skips available. This has been made available for free users on Android. Stopping a song or artist from being recommended counts as a skip. Free users who don't have skips left will not be able to perform these actions until they have available skips.
"Our Flow and mixes are a big part of what makes Deezer stand out," says Stefan Tweraser, Deezer's chief product and growth officer. "With these recommendations, we're creating a rich experience that's also spot-on for each listener."

"Also, we really are listening to what our users like and don't like, to constantly tailor 'Flow' and mixes to their individual tastes and preferences. So, we're giving our fans even more power to control their music. In the end, it's about them and they know what they like," adds Tweraser.

The platform says that the idea behind the new exclusion feature is to make sure that listeners'  'Flow' and mixes are spot on. The feature doesn't affect any of Deezer's curated content.

Users will still be able to see and hear artists and tracks that they have said no to if they are part of a playlist made by users or the platform's editors. They will also be available in the search. 

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