The publication aims to offer a "fun and informal look" into the people and events that drive the industry, while still offering the reader valuable information.

"Our media focused launch issue has been shared among our media agency and client partners, and we're very encouraged with the feedback we've received so far," says SPARK Media CEO Gill Randall. "Our next issue will be released mid-year with a third iteration being shared towards the end of the year." 

The publication comprises features including:
  • profiles of successful captains of the industry
  • social pages
  • suggested reading material for progressive marketers
  • competitions, and
  • a round-up of SPARK Media news
"ROOTS research shows that consumers like the feel of their favourite magazine in their hands and the opportunity to put it down and reread at a later stage. There's just something about that tactile experience. Readers really enjoy taking their time and lingering when reading print," says Randall.

"As the local Get It magazines prove to be a highly valued and respected publication that builds a sense of community among local consumers, so too will our trade Get It, as it did in the past, foster this local media and advertising community of ours," concludes Randall.

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