Mpala is a tech and business journalist with specialised knowledge in covering the African tech startup ecosystem, 4IR and venture capital/investment trends in Africa. 

He has joined the group following his time as a tech journalist at Ventureburn, South Africa.

Mpala has written as a freelancer for various publications on topics including:
  • telecoms
  • politics
  • climate change
  • energy, and
  • the economy.
He has a background in media analysis and brand intelligence, and he studied international relations and media studies at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa. Mpala says that he is very passionate about internet security and online privacy, as well as international affairs.

"The media platforms [that] we have created to showcase and tell the story of the African AI business sector — like AI TV Africa's first AI-dedicated streaming channel and Synapse magazine, Africa's only AI and data science publication — are growing apace. [It] demands a dedicated seasoned journalist to tell this story and manage the vast amounts of new and content this is creating," adds Bannister. 

Nick Bradshaw, co-founder of AI Expo Africa and pan-African AI evangelist at the AI Media Group, says, "Daniel is a welcome addition to the team as we expand our media operations. He will also be involved in bringing his experience and knowledge to the AI Expo Africa event programme and helping our sponsors, speakers and partners amplify their story through our various platforms."

"Africa needs to tell more 'good news' stories and showcase its successes on a global stage. We plan to ramp up activity in this regard in 2020 and beyond," concludes Bannister.

Mpala can be contacted for editorial, press and media inquiries at [email protected]

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