'Live Inside and Win the Ride' has brought together five individuals, from different backgrounds, to endure living together in a car for an unknown period of time. During that period, contestants will be eliminated until there is only one person left. The 'last man standing' will win the car.

To be victorious, contestants must adhere to the rules of the competition, while trying to outsmart their opponents. Failure to comply with the rules could result in an eviction. Alternatively, if a contestant is unable to withstand the pressure, they may exit the car voluntarily.

"For the first time in Cape Town, we are creating the biggest social experiment. It's very exciting as every day we are going to learn more and more about these five unique individuals who all believe they can win this competition," says Smile 90.4FM programme manager Naveen Singh.

"Monitored every minute of the day, with an online stream, and hearing their thoughts on air is going to be unbelievable," adds Singh.  

The five contestants will be entering the car, at GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World, on Saturday, 14 March. They include:
  • Amesha Bachan
  • Anthony Hentis
  • Jana Ludick
  • Jonathan Durand, and
  • Robinson Hezagira.

Meet the contestants:

Amesha Bachan

Bachan is a 30-year-old firefighter who lives in Marina da Gama. Bachan considers herself to be a "tough cookie" and says that she is "not easily intimidated; [she's] used to spending long hours in a fire truck." 

Anthony Hentis

Hentis is a 40-year-old electrical engineer from Athlone. Hentis says that he enjoys the company of strangers and that he can't "wait to get under the skin of [his] mates in the car."

Jana Ludick

Ludick is a 19-year-old tattoo and piercing artist who lives in Kraaifontein. Ludick says, "People don’t like me in general, so if they can manage me then good for them; if they can't, then 'whoopiedoo' the Polo is mine." 

Jonathan Durand

Durand is a photographer from Table View. Durand says that he has done "a lot of pretty extreme things in [his] life." He says, "You can put me in the boot; I’ll still be the last one out."

Robinson Hezagira

Hezagira a 20-year-old journalism student from Wynberg. Hezagira says that she will be the one to win the car, and cocnludes that "it's just a matter of time before [she] takes it home."

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