Managing director of Caxton Printers and Caxton Local Media Jaco Koekemoer says, "As one of the biggest publishers of newspapers in South Africa, we have an obligation to make sure we keep communities informed and educated on the virus through our stable of local newspapers."

Caxton Local Media has:
  1. implemented an editorial protocol when publishing any information on Covid-19
  2. devised a strict pre-publication fact-checking protocol to guide newsrooms in gathering and publishing news. Its aim is to inform, educate and to assist the government in the quest to contain panic and fear
  3. included details in every article of a hotline system where readers can complain or comment on published content
  4. formed a team to deal with all Covid-19 coronavirus-related content. They will work closely with the National Institute of Communicable Diseases and the World Health Organisation.
  5. encouraged journalists and sales teams to avoid personal contact with clients and to conduct business telephonically as far as possible.
  6. adopted the same sales strategy in its national sales team, Spark Media. 
  7. used modern technology like Skype and Zoom to communicate with key clients. Group interaction through presentations has been cancelled but continuous engagement with all clients is still taking place, and
  8. suspended local and international staff travel.

Caxton says that it is "taking every possible measure to protect the health of [its] partners and employees, while providing uninterrupted service to [its] clients".

Caxton has also indicated that the current situation with regards to its manufacturing capabilities is as follows:
  • Production stock levels are stable with a three- to six-month paper supply spread across warehouses.
  • Printing plates, inks and other consumables are adequately stocked.
  • Local newsprint continues and imported materials are procured without delay.
  • Its manufacturing and production continue and it has significant print capacity back up.
  • CTP's three commercial print facilities in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town remain operational, as do Caxton Printers' nine coldset factories. All machinery is operational and fully staffed.
  • CTP factories and offices are cleaned and sanitised regularly in accordance with the regulations. Caxton has secured adequate stock of hand sanitisers, sanitising dispensers and soap.
  • Factory visits have been suspended in order to further limit excessive exposure between employees and others.
  • Limitations on all domestic and international travel have been imposed throughout the Caxton and CTP Group.
  • Upon entering printing premises, staff is screened with infrared thermometers. Those with high temperatures are referred to a medical practitioner and not allowed on site.

Caxton regional printers:
  • Production stock has been secured.
  • In the highly unlikely event that the Johannesburg operation ceases to produce, these eight printing facilities could be used as back-up.
  • Caxton Printers has heatset printing facilities in Isando, Johannesburg, as well as a reciprocal backup printing arrangement with Novus.
  • Caxton Printers' Johannesburg facility is able to isolate its two factories, allowing for disinfecting the one while operating the other.
  • Operations are split into four shifts, which enables the quarantine of at least two shifts if necessary.
  • Deep-cleaning of ablutions has increased to a weekly basis.
  • All supplier and outside visits have been cancelled. Instead, conference-call facilities are used. Local and international staff travels have been suspended.

Caxton Distribution:
  • A rigid awareness campaign was launched to inform staff about the COVID-19 Coronavirus.
  • Outsourced and external contractors do the bulk of Caxton's distribution.
  • Contractors have been briefed and trained on the risks of exposure and their duty to assist in preventing the spreading of the virus.
  • Informative posters have been placed in the trucks supplied to external contractors. Hand sanitisers are being provided.
  • Contractors entering the distribution premises undergo the same preventative precautions implemented at other Caxton facilities
On behalf of SPARK MEDIA, Caxton has wished all of its clients and suppliers strength and good health. 

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