Introducing Siv Ngesi

According to the latest issue, Ngesi is the "personification of booked and busy".

Known as an actor, stand up comedian, bollywood singer and avid charity supporter, Ngesi talks with the magazine about his pursuit for challenges and growth.

The expedition under seas

The newest edition has brought attention to the Mount Vema expedition that was documented and showcased to depict the rich biodiversity of its sea life. According to Issue #284, the trip was "a key leg of Greenpeace’s year-long campaign".

Ngesi fights for social issues

In another article, the magazine highlights Ngesi's question, "In a country where over a trillion Rand has been illegally wasted by the elite in a single decade, are free sanitary products too much to ask?" The newest edition looks at how, despite having come a long way, South Africa can still 'do more'.

Heroes of our time

Additionally, the #284 edition speaks to entrepreneur Adam Fine, who launched Fives Futbol in 2010. According to Issue #284, Fives Futbol now supports various non-profit organisations, including education and female empowerment. One such organisation is Souper Troupers, which aims to "restore dignity to homeless people and help them reintegrate into society".

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