How is it that millennials and Gen Zers are not in need of office space, can easily adjust to change and still perform so well? media update’s Talisa Jansen van Rensburg takes a dive into the world of these generations to expose their secrets.

With each generation, you get the good, the bad and the ugly; however, you can’t argue that every one of them has taught us all something. And they all have their own good qualities that we can incorporate in our work life.

Being able to incorporate some traits from each of these generations will ensure success for you in the future.

So without further ado, here’s a look at why Millenials and Gen Z can adjust so easily to change:

Gen Zers have different approaches to learning

In 2018, a study done by LinkedIn found that 43% of Gen Z prefer a fully independent approach to learning. This means that instead of needing someone to micro-manage them, they are fully capable of learning new skills all on their own.

Since GenZ can basically work from any location, they are able to make use of online learning to develop all the necessary hard skills and soft skills.

Therefore, if a Gen Zer wants to upskill or focus on a different aspect of their work, they have access to all the right tools in the comfort of their home.

Millennials are extremely confident

If millennials had a slogan, it would be ‘confidence is key’ or ‘fake it till you make it.’ If they feel that where they are working at the moment is not doing it for them, they have no qualms about searching for another job.

This generation is three times more likely to change jobs than boomers, which means that they are not afraid of new challenges or learning new skills. This makes it easier for them to adapt to continuously changing industries.

Millennials measure their work by achievement instead of hours logged, and have no problem moving on if it's not a fit. It's out with org charts, scheduled breaks and dress codes and in with autonomy, missions and office puppies,” says experience management platform Qualtrics.

Gen Zers are advocates for work-life balance

According to a 2019 study by Dynamic Signal, 39% of GenZers care the most about having a work-life balance and personal well-being.

Such a big following behind this sentiment will most likely see a lot of Gen Zers either speak out about their working hours or quit their jobs when they find that they are not able to have flexibility or freedom.

Since the pandemic started, many employers have had to consider remote working for their employees in order to stay operational, and since Gen Z is all about having that balance, they were able to do this with absolute ease.

Millennials are always open to change

Instead of kicking against change in the workplace, millennials are open to and excited about new opportunities. A lot of other generations tend to think that millennials are lazy, but the truth is, they just always question the rules.

Millennials are one of the most open-minded generations yet. Having an open mind and being welcoming to the idea of change makes the process of adaptation a whole lot easier and smoother for everyone involved. Being able to have this type of mindset makes it possible for corporations to change their way of doing things without having to worry about anyone kicking up against it.

Also, being someone who adjusts to these changes easily shows that you’re willing to roll with the punches. It also shows that you’re willing to learn and grow in order to accommodate any developments within the company you’re employed by.

Gen Z: Comfortable with technology

One of the biggest issues for a lot of older generations is their inability to stay up to date with the latest technology. This is because most of them are set in their ways and might even be used to the younger generation doing the techy things for them. And let’s face it, the excuse of “they didn’t have this in my day” is just no longer acceptable.

In order to adjust to the new digital world, it is imperative that everyone stays on top of new technologies and current with what’s happening in the world. For example, since the pandemic started, countless companies have started making use of Zoom, which is a video communications platform.

For most Gen Zers, this platform is easy to use and straight to the point, making online meetings run smoothly and easily. By staying connected and informed, every generation can adapt smoothly to any change that is thrown their way.

Gen Z is not afraid to venture outside of their comfort zone when presented with a new challenge — with about a quarter (24%) being excited and honoured for the opportunity,” reports EY Survey.

Why do you think these two generations are able to adapt to change so easily and succeed at it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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