By centralizing the management and strategy of its commercial activity in one operation, CNN says that it aims to create a more integrated, agile and global approach to the way it assesses market needs, develops solutions and works with partners.

To achieve this and ensure that CNN is best positioned to continue its commercial success into the decade, CNN says that Raad will:
  • work closely with WarnerMedia Sales and International on its CNN advertising and distribution activity
  • lead international business through CNN International Commercial
  • optimise CNN Worldwide's directly controlled revenue operations, and
  • maximise the commercial potential of development of new products.
Effective immediately, Raad reports directly to Jeff Zucker, chairperson of WarnerMedia News and Sports and president, CNN Worldwide.

"There has never been a more important time to be strategic and purposeful about revenue generation across the platforms of CNN Worldwide," says Zucker. "By aligning Rani and his team more closely with the rest of the CNN organisation, there is no doubt it will make a big difference in our ability to find new ways of doing business and enhanced opportunities for our clients around the world."

Raad, a CNN veteran of 22 years, started his career at the company in New York before holding a number of senior international roles with CNN and WarnerMedia.

In 2013, Raad combined all business operations of CNN's properties outside of the United States within the division CNN International Commercial (CNNIC), including:
  • advertising
  • sponsorship
  • content sales and licensing
  • out-of-home
  • marketing, and
  • audiences and data.
Since then, as President of CNNIC, Raad has developed the business by introducing a cross-platform and data-led strategy with increased digital capabilities, tailored for a wide range of client and market needs across over 200 countries and territories.

"I don’t think I have ever seen a time when CNN has been so influential, both in the United States and internationally," says Raad. "An era of structural change in the media market, the increased demand for verified news and the economic impact of Covid-19 is fundamentally changing the way we need to work with our business partners."

"With our premium brand, sophisticated solutions and worldwide reach, it's now more important than ever before that our business partners, wherever they are, have greater and faster access to CNN's full suite of global capabilities," concludes Raad.

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