The Global Webinar, which will be hosted live on The Artist Corner TV’s YouTube channel, will aim to focus on how the independent film and television industry can be united across the planet.

Participants will learn tips on how to independently navigate Hollywood, globally. The interest lies is in the actions and motivations of those organisations, companies and people who intersect with Hollywood.

In addition, the platform will also point to the fact that 'Hollywood' is not just a destination but rather a feeling, a mood, a level of execution, a space of relations and flows as much as it is a physical place.

The global panel will include: 

  • South Africa
  1. Connie and Shona Ferguson (of Ferguson Films)
  • United States of America
  1. Winsome Sinclair: Hollywood casting director
  2. Kim Hardin: Hollywood casting director
  3. Malcolm D. Lee: writer, producer and director
  4. Samad Davis: writer, producer and director
  5. Michael Jai White: actor, director and producer
  6. Anika Noni Rose: actress
  7. Malik Yoba: actor and producer, and 
  8. Michael Lucker
  • Ghana
  1. Joselyn Dumas: actor, producer and entrepreneur
  • Nigeria
  1. Enyinna Nwigwe: actor
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For more information, visit Nero TV's Youtube channel.