Newsbridge's multimodal AI-powered Media Asset Management Platform aims to allow for the kick-off of rough cuts in a matter of minutes, allowing teams to download and send digital media assets directly to their clients in either a file or link format.

"When it comes to editing The Voice, we use the Newsbridge platform so that there's only one consultation for editors," says TF1 Media Factory deputy director Yves Bouillon.

"So remotely, we were able to take from storage the video material we needed and drop it into the platform. From there, editors only have to connect to Newsbridge, select the desired elements and recover them to move forward. Perfect efficiency," adds Bouillon.

According to Newsbridge, the benefits of its Remote Production Platform are threefold:

  1. The platform promotes simplified access to content for production teams. According to the provider, working from home has not been extremely easy due to poor server connection linked to VPN saturation issues. In response, Newsbridge's cloud-based, digital media asset management solution aims to allow for journalists, production teams and stakeholders to have easy access to the content they either work with, share and or sell.
  2. The solution allows for a supercharge in workflows with an end goal of quicker distribution and publish times. As most team members need to send their rough cuts to third parties for verification or collaborative purposes, there are also bandwidth concerns; so being able to work with snippets of media assets versus entire media assets or streams is now more important than ever, enhancing production capacity.
  3. Archive valorisation is also important, especially for TV channels and Sports Rights Holders. According to Newsbridge, right now archives are the highest potential content for audiences and can be auto-indexed correctly using the platform. In an effort to ramp up engagement efforts, production teams are piecing together a strategic patchwork of archived content via Newsbridge's cognitive search powered by multimodal AI.
"This is a critical time in broadcast and media history. Traditional workflows have been disrupted due to the nature of confinement. Production teams have increasing social responsibility when it comes to producing and ultimately delivering video content, and it is our job here at Newsbridge to make that as simple as possible," concludes Philippe Petitpont, Newsbridge CEO and co-founder.

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