Its title refers to how people are visibly missing from the city and how people are emotionally missing the city.

Kamaldien has been granted a media permit to document the impact of coronavirus. He says that it was when he felt the emptiness of the city that he responded with his camera and a poster with the red-painted words '#MissingYou'.

"I've looked at feeding schemes that help poor people with meals, how the lockdown is impacting on Ramadaan for the city’s Muslim population and also at the situation of homeless people. This work continues as we still face lockdown to stop the spread of coronavirus," says Kamaldien.

“'MissingYouCapeTown' came about as I was driving around the city for my journalistic and film work. It felt really empty and sad. I also heard from people how much they missed being in the city, instead of locked up at home," adds Kamaldien.

"So, I decided to make a photographic intervention. With these pictures, I wanted to bring people closer to the city and their favourite places. It's a show of love for the city as well. A city is not a city without its people. And we love this city," he says.

According to Kamaldien, '#MissingYouCapeTown' is a project that aims to inspire hope at a time when people need it; the coronavirus has had a drastic impact on all our lives and this aims to inspire people to remember the beautiful things in life.

New photographs will be posted online regularly. Individuals are encouraged to leave their comments on what memories they have of the place in the photo. Kamaldien is also asking people to recommend places that they miss visiting and would like to see featured in the online exhibition.

The #MissingYouCapeTown photographic exhibition will feature online on its social media pages. 

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