Fortified Group is a group of companies with interests in media, film, professional services, and property. "There are a number of new announcements we hope to share in the coming months," Toefy says. "These include new projects, new ventures and an exciting new acquisition."

The new role will see Toefy focus on the growth of the group as a whole, with specific emphasis on entertainment opportunities and an upcoming feature film project with partners in Los Angeles, United States of America.

The daily operations of FORT will now be managed by co-founder, Amr Singh, as well as Craig February. Toefy will provide an advisory role and focus on growth opportunities at the group-level.

"We have a management team that has been in place for almost 10 years now, who have demonstrated the ability to run FORT with great success," says Toefy.

During his time as CEO of FORT, Toefy has overseen the launch of FORT's production network with partner offices across Africa and the Middle East and has pioneered an industry-leading shared prosperity model.

Toefy has also been globally recognised as a 'brilliant entrepreneurial mind and business leader'. The latter is evidenced through the launch of '#CreateMovement', his appointment as entrepreneurial expert to entrepreneurship centre at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford. He was also a finalist in the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Awards in 2019.

According to FORT, Toefy's appointment as CEO of Fortified Group serves to solidify a vital role that he has already been performing over the past 18 months, and opens new pathways for growth, both for the group and each of its subsidiaries.

"Our ambition in starting this business was always to look at our audience as a global one," concludes Amr Singh. "Toefy's new role is really a commitment to this, looking at broader horizons, bigger projects and ultimately growth."

Toefy will continue on with his duties outside of FORT, including the numerous boards he sits on. FORT will continue on its mission to become the leading South African commercial production house.

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