Arena Events says that it continues to innovate by taking previous physically attended conferences, summits, exhibitions, product launches, consumer activations and awards celebrations into the online space.

Thus far, the online series'— presented by Arena Events on behalf of clients, partners and sponsors — has attracted 60 871 live online viewers.

"Transitioning online with traditional events requires far more than simply trying to replicate what delegates would experience in person. It requires a lot of innovation and lateral thinking to deliver something effective and engaging to exceed the excitement that physically attended events offer," says Taryn Westoby, head of events at Arena Holdings.

"Because we've been doing this successfully for leading industry events associated with the media brands in the Arena Holdings stable, we're well-positioned to do the same for clients with bespoke requests," adds Westoby.

The month of May saw Arena Events launch the Sunday Times Lifestyle How She Does It series. It aimed to take audiences up-close-and-personal and into the lives of South African women who are achieving great things.

How She Does It celebrates formidable, accomplished women who are confident in their vulnerability and open to sharing the daily trials and tribulations they face. "It's uplifting and motivating at a time when we all need something to smile about and find inspiration in," says Westoby.

In extending The Radio Awards beyond the awards announcement that took place in April, the Radio Awards online series aims to interrogate the value of radio in our lives, how it can become more receptive and grow with the changes taking place in society, and how advertisers and marketers can extract the most value from the platform.

For brands looking to maintain traction and income during the COVID-19 crisis, Arena Events has been hosting various online events catering to different issues affecting the media, marketing and advertising industries through the Future of Media, Financial Mail AdFocus, FM Redzone and Sunday Times Gen Next series’.

The Business Day SME Matters, Business Day Dialogues and Absa Business Day Supplier Development Dialogues have been striving to provide valuable insights and advice on current challenges and future visions; they will continue to inform South Africans with credible inputs from editors and high profile business leaders alike.

Individuals can can catch up on episodes from April and May by visiting the online library. To view the June line-up of online events and to register for a specific series, individuals can click here.

For more information or partnership opportunities, visit or contact [email protected]. You can also follow Arena Events on Facebook, Twitter or on Instagram.