Kevin Fine, managing director at Expedite and former Jacaranda FM managing director, says, "Bringing Good Things Guy on to the platform was a strategic move to interrogate our hypothesis that firstly, consumers are looking for familiarity in their content choices and secondly, they don't know where to find it."

"By adding Brent's content to the platform, we were able to offer a wider audience some really quality content in an environment they could easily access and the results have been phenomenal," adds Fine.

Fine says that the more familiar the content, the name attached to it and the ease of finding it, the more downloads the podcasts will receive. "In the past two years that Brent has been with the station, his brand has truly blossomed. He's a true leader in content adoption and he's been a great prototype for consistent podcast consumption," says Fine.

"The past two years at Jacaranda have truly been incredible and I'm so overwhelmed with the amount of continued support Good Things Guy podcast has received. To be among great company like my fellow Jacpod creators Elana Afrika and Martin Bester, who also receive huge downloads on their content, is a great blessing," says Lindeque.

Lindeque's channel has been under the 'featured' section on Apple Podcasts for almost a year; during this time, his show has ranked regularly in the top 10 podcasts in South Africa and peaked at number two across all genres countrywide and number one in the Society and Culture category.

Good Things Guy on Jacaranda's JacPod series is popular with both sexes, showing a 55% female and 45% male split. The radio station reports that his listeners are primarily South African; however, he also has keen followers in the United States, United Kingdom, Israel, Kenya and Ghana.

"Everyone knows the Good Things Guy and Jacpod is pleased to have the content of the biggest blogger in the country that can be shared with digital and listening audiences," says Fine.

Fine says that, as streaming or on-demand TV is making a big impact on the South African media scene, so are podcasts making the same splash for the 'theatre of the mind', and generally more successfully with a familiar name behind them. 

"Podcasts as a business on their own lack power and strong business models. Building these into an omni-channel strategy is far more effective, commercially and for the content creator and that's something that radio brands such as Jacaranda FM and Lindeque do very well," concludes Fine.

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